USBCHA Nationals 2016 – Reserve Champion!

Our trip to Colorado was just incredible. The journey was so breathtaking and the weather was glorious. What can we say about Gordon and Storm! What an achievement;  first time on Range sheep;  first time at the Nationals and so happy with the results of Reserve Champion.  Talented handler and very talented Storm handling his sheep with ease.  Storm never faulted, he just trotted them around the course like a day out for a stroll in the park.  Looking forward to next year’s Nationals.
natl1 natl2 natl3

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  1. Hello

    I was elated to see Gordon and Storm featured on PBS’s Wisconsin Life last night. Seeing this took me back to one of my parent’s greatest memories of Ireland where they watched the magic of sheep herding. They witnessed the incredible bond of the sheep herder and the dog, how the whistles where the communication link both understood by human and dog. An amazing thing to see. Do you host events where folks can come out to see this with Gordon and Storm? I would love to surprise my dad and take him out to see you with my brothers and sisters. Mom has since passed, but I know she would be right there with us.

    I also want to say CONGRATULATIONS CHAMPS! Quite impressive work displaying the magic of sheep herding.

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