Huthwaite Storm

Storm is a big strong dog who stands on his feet while working sheep. He is biddable and easy handled and kind to his sheep. Storm is a great out runner and as a wonderful balance on sheep. Storm can work 1000 sheep as well as 5. He is a tremendous work dog with a wonderful nature.
Member of English National Team 2015.

Reserve Champion USBCHA National 2016.



Flo belongs to Kerry who is a keen trialist. She is a daughter of International Supreme Champion 2007 & Scottish Champion 2009. Flo is a tremendous trial bitch with lots of trialing experience and is a natural out runner who stands on her feet but will lie down if asked. She is quite biddable and willing to help and is a very natural bitch with a great feel for sheep. Flo is also a tremendous breeding bitch having just 3 litters which have all gone on to be good work and trials prospects. She has lots of stamina a real athlete, which also shows in her offspring. She’s won numerous open trials in her career and competed in four English Nationals.


Reba is a daughter of Flo and she shows all the good qualities of her mother but with a different style – Reba is low to the ground and very classy looking. Reba is very keen and sharp on sheep; she is a good listener and willing to please. She shows plenty of push and needs to be handled accordingly.


Mole is a long lean black bitch who shows all the good qualities of her mother, although she can be be pushy at times like her sire. She likes to be on her sheep and is very quick, needing expert handling. She is showing great promise for the future and has a wonderful temperament.


Lyric is a tall strong bitch like her sire and is showing plenty of promise on sheep. She is free flanking but can drop in style like her dam. Lyric is very quick and not only has the ability to read sheep, she has great balance on them as well. She is quick to learn, is very keen to work always ready to go!


Ava is a small compact bitch with lots of style like her dam. She is very sharp on her flanks and has a natural stop with a nice pace when fetching sheep. She knows her flanks commands well and is a very keen learner. She is willing to please has a very friendly manner.