Huthwaite Moss

Moss is a classic black and white border collie that works low to the ground and shows style on his sheep. Moss is a strong, forward coming dog and can be pushy at times. Moss needs a strong handler. Moss is free flanking and shows plenty of eye when needed. Sheep show Moss plenty of respect. Moss is a tremendous lambing dog who does not back down easy. Moss can do any job. Moss has been a member of the English Team 2013 2014
Dam: Tess /259253 Sire: Bill /249411 Health Tests: Eye Tests: CEA DNA NORMAL (Can be mated with normal or carrier bitches) Moss as sired 4 litters in 2014 all pups are showing promise and are keen to work. Moss as won numerous open trials: English National 2013 - ­3rd place English National 2014 - ­11th place