Huthwaite Storm

Storm is a big strong dog who stands on his feet while working sheep. He is biddable and easy handled and kind to his sheep. Storm is a great out runner and as a wonderful balance on sheep. Storm can work 1000 sheep as well as 5. He is a tremendous work dog with a wonderful nature.
Member of English National Team 2015.

Reserve Champion USBCHA National 2016.


Dam: Huthwaite Holly /288489

Sire: Bob 00/301522

CEA DNA NORMAL (Can be mated with normal or carrier bitches).

Storm sired his first litter all showing great promise.

Storm won the Northumberland Nursery League 2013

Storm as won 6 open trials in his first open trial season in the UK

Northumberland Nursery Champion 2013

Five Nursery wins 2013

Four Nursery Place’s 2013

Five Open Trial wins 2014

Five Open Trial Place’s 2014

English National 2014 – 4th Place