Missouri Clinic, April 2018

Missouri Clinic, April 2018
By: Carol Wanta

The grass was green and the trees were beginning to bloom. The occasionally chilly breeze reminded us that winter was not long gone from here, but the coolness made it great weather for training dogs old and new with Gordon. Claire and Randy Sandbothe hosted a great clinic! Their wonderful hospitality and delicious food were enjoyed by all at their beautiful farm in mid-Missouri.

Rachel Ritland and Pepper getting instructions from Gordon

The April clinic provided handlers with an opportunity to work on whatever they needed to do inĀ order to tune up their dogs and improve their skills for the upcoming trial season. We had a wide range of dogs and handlers attend. Some handlers were just beginning their journey with their dog while others worked on their precision as a team. Gordon was ready for all of our questions and problems. His skill at handling dogs combined with his knowledge, experience, and willingness to share all that with other handlers makes lessons with him priceless. I would not be where I am today without Gordon helping me. I know others from the clinic can say the same. Gordon is a gem!

Carol Wanta and Sadie as they begin their sheepdog journey

Handlers from Alabama, Mississippi, South Dakota, Iowa, and Tennessee traveled to Missouri for the clinic. It was great to see old friends and make new ones. And it was FUN! While I can’t go into details (what happens in at the Sandbothe’s stays at the Sandbothe’s), I can say the evenings were full of lively conversation, games of chance and skill (though the skill part degraded as the night grew old), and Irish dancing (oh, you had to see it to believe it)!

Gordon and Robin discussing handling

“What struck me about the clinic was how much fun it was. It was not just about sheep dogging, but also about building a community of great friends who support each other.”

BethAnn and her new partner, Spot

“The journey of what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the Dance of Life really takes place – Barbara DeAngelis”

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