NEW Pay for lessons & clinics with PayPal

GordonWattSheepdogs has decided to open a PayPal account hopefully to improve things with registration of clinic lessons and payment.

You can pay by PayPal and email your registration entry.

You can also prepay for your booked lesson spot.

For those that don’t wish to use PayPal you can still email your registration form and mail your payment so that it arrives within 7 days.

If clinics get over subscribed a draw will be done.

We will still have the payment box in the shed for those that would  like to pay by check or cash for lessons.

If you would like to pay cash for your clinic too , just email us and let us know in advance.

If clinics and lessons get cancelled funds will be refunded
We may be able to carry some over to the next lesson or clinic.
Lessons will stay the same $75 per dog per handler
Clinics $250 per dog per handler for the 2 days
if  you are paying by PayPal, please send it via Friends and Family to

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