Winter General Handling Clinics

Winter General Handling Clinics

These clinics will center around improving your handling skills by learning to understand your dog for both trialing and farm work. Open to all levels of dogs and handlers with the exception of no puppies. Check here for the clinics for puppies and young dogs.

Cost of these two day clinics is $250.00. To best benefit you and your dog, we would like you to do both days of the clinic.

New PayPal option for clinic/lessons payments. Click here to read more.

There is a limit to 2 dogs per handler. If these clinics over fills – we may have to limit the clinic to one dog per handler.

We will NOT accept early entries to these clinics. Please help us out and observe the mailing/postmark date for each clinic.

This page will be updated as new entry forms become available so please check back here near the opening dates.


December 19 & 20, Postmark date, November 24th


January 2 & 3, Postmark date, December 17th, 2020

January 16 & 17, Postmark date, January 5th

March 6 & 7, Postmark date, February 22nd
Entry forms: Word Format  and PDF