Shedding Clinics

Beginner and Advanced shedding clinics: 
October 25 (beginners) and October 26-27 (advanced)

Friday: October 25th – This is a one-day beginner shedding clinic to teach dogs the basics of shedding.  A great opportunity to teach your pro-novice dog the basic principles of setting up and executing a shed.  Dogs that are entered in this clinic are not suited for the more advance clinic being offeredClinic will be limited to 12 dogs per day. Cost is: $125.00

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th
This is an Advanced Shedding Clinic for dogs that are currently shedding.  We will be working on the correct techniques of shedding and an International shedding.  Clinic will be limited to 12 dogs per day. Clinic Cost: $250.00, Limited to 2 dogs per handler.

Audit Cost: $40 per day

Entries will be accepted with postmark starting on August 16th. No early postmark entries accepted. The entry form (found below) is two pages. Please read both pages carefully.

Clinic will start at 8am with a 30-minute lunch break

Clinic spots will be filled with entries postmarked on September 23rd or later.  No early postmarked entries will be excepted.  If more than 12 entries are received, we will have a waiting list.  You will be notified by email as to your status in the  clinic. Cancellation date: October 16th. Checks cashed Oct 17th.

Click ➜ HERE for the entry form in PDF and click ➜ HERE for the entry form in Word.

Please contact Kerry Watt ( with any question.

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