Shoofly Farm Clinic & Lessons

March 20th, 2018, we all hit the road for a 4-day clinic at Shoofly Farm in beautiful North Carolina

Arriving at Shoofly Farm, we were greeted by beautiful, sunny weather. It was nice to feel warm sun on us again. Friday and Saturday were the clinic days which had a different variety of dogs on both days. Handlers and dogs improved over the two days. Throughout the whole clinic, we had all levels of dogs and covered all aspects of training: shedding, look backs, and blow outs. The clinic and lessons were available to all levels of handlers from very novice to open handlers. Almost everything handlers asked about was covered in this clinic.

For the Novice handlers, Gordon gave them more confidence on handling their dogs. He helped to reassure them that is was ok just to let their dogs have the sheep.  By handling their dogs this way it helped keep things moving rather than creating problems by trying to enforce a stop.

Lots of young dogs just starting with novice handlers are unsure of how to progress with them. By the end of the second day, the handlers had more of an idea of how to help their young dog move to the next stage of their training. It was nice to see very happy faces from these handlers.

Sunday and Monday were lesson days, with most handlers staying on from the clinic and some new handlers attending.  Lessons had more open handlers where they were working on the final touches for trialing. Over the four days, we just had one day of snow early morning by mid-afternoon the sun arrived and snow went home.  It was truly a most enjoyable clinic with a great setting and lovely people and dogs.

Every single handler went home very happy and with lots of home work.

Thank you to Robin French and all of the handlers that came out to the clinic and lessons. We hope to see you all again soon.


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