Trialing in Florida

Trialing in Florida, February 2018

Recap on Florida trials

Earlier in February, we left cold, snowy Wisconsin headed for Florida for the first trials of the season on the 17th. After the long drive and change in climate, it took our dogs a while to get used to the new setting. Temperatures were hotter than usual for February in Florida too.

C54 is a 2 day trial for both Open and Pro-Novice dogs. It has a big outrun and testy sheep. All of our dogs managed to have respectable runs for the 2 days. Storm placed 4th and 8th out of the 70 +/- runs. Monday, was the day for the Pro-Novice dogs and it was still a big distance to outrun for these youngsters. The sheep were rather testy for these dogs with lots of draws creating several tricky pulls. Ava managed a beautiful outrun, lift and fetch but had trouble on the drive away when sheep pulled hard to the exhaust. This left Ava feeling she had to stop them from running off, so we retired gracefully. Lyric managed a very respectable run and got them penned! Good job Lyric.


Asher Dell Farm
Tuesday was the start of 3 days at Asher Dell Farm. This is a much smaller field and very well dogged sheep that just loved to stand at your feet. This made it hard to get them away from you on the drive away with the younger dogs. Ava still had trouble with her driving away and was determined that her sheep weren’t going anywhere she didn’t feel was right. Lyric sorted it out and put a score of 81 taking first place in the “ranch” class. An early finish this day meant we were off to a trip to the ocean. This was very much enjoyed by all!

Cooper enjoying the crashing waves.

Wednesday was the start of Open at Asher Dell. In this small field, the clever sheep knew every inch of their field, therefore every escape route too. If you gave them an inch, they certainly took a mile! This made it very difficult to shed.  The first runs were about getting our dogs used to these sheep as in Wisconsin, we never came across this issue. Shedding was difficult for most. Also, these sheep were put around the course a fair number of times adding to their confidence in besting the dogs and handlers.

Flo and Kerry setting up for the shed

Flo put up a half decent run with 4th place out of 59 runs. In the second round of Open on Thursday, we saw our dogs starting to figure out the sheep and we all learned their shedding tricks. We managed to take 3 placings: Flo with 3rd, Hawk with 2nd and Storm at 8th out of 65 runs.

That’ll Do Farm
Friday brought a whole new trial at That’ll Do Farm. New trial – new challenge. This trial brought very fit hair sheep that taught one wrong move from the dog and they were gone! It was a racing match around the field!  First up were our young dogs in the ranch class. Ava, with her quiet and calm actions, managed to get the sheep settled giving us a 3rd place.  Lyric drew a set of runners which took off on every turn. Gordon retired gracefully.


Saturday brought Open 1 and it was a real “luck of the draw” on what sheep you got and how quietly you could lift them. The sheep were rather challenging to the set out crew as they had lots of trouble holding them in place until your dog arrived. The exhaust was close to the field pen and the handler’s post. With this BIG draw, if you weren’t on top of the issue, the sheep easily made it to the exhaust gate. If you DID manage to hang onto them around the post, the drive away was the next challenge. They’d just go back to the holding pen. If your sheep were on-line, you couldn’t miss the gate, as they’d run straight through.  These sheep were a real test of dog and handler skills.

Gordon and Hawk on the shed

For Open 1 (out of 76): Hawk was 3rd, Storm was 5th and Reba was 9th
For Open 2 (out of 79): Hawk 1st, Flo 7th, Storm 14th

Now we are back home after 9 days of trialing. Wisconsin welcomed us back with warmer weather, red-wing black birds (a sign of spring here) and sunny days.

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