Young Dog/Puppy Clinics

Young Dog/Puppy Clinics

These clinics are for young dogs and puppies.  The clinics will center around  young dogs up to the age of 4 years and puppies must be at least 10 months of age. We will not accept dogs 5-year-old and over.  These clinics can be for introduction to sheep for puppies.

Cost of these two day clinics is $250.00. To best benefit you and your dog, we would like you to do both days of the clinic.

New PayPal option for clinic/lessons payments. Click here to read more.

There is a limit to 2 dogs per handler. If these clinics over fills – we may have to limit the clinic to one dog per handler.

We will NOT accept early entries to these clinics. Please help us out and observe the mailing/postmark date for each clinic.

This page will be updated as new entry forms become available so please check back here near the opening dates.


December 12 & 13, Postmark date, November 17th

December 26 & 27, Postmark date, November 30th


January 9 & 10, Postmark date, December 28th

January 23 & 24, Postmark date, January 12th

March 13 & 14, Postmark date, March 1st

April 24 & 25, Postmark date, April 12th
Entry Forms: Word format  PDF