Welcome to the Home of Gordon Watt

Gordon Watt was born in Ireland in 1964, to a family of shepherds.  His father is William Watt, a legend in sheepdogs.  At an early age Gordon became interested in all aspects of sheep care and sheepdog training.  When he was 15, Gordon and his first dog, Chum, won second in the Irish Nationals and it was on from there.  In 1999, he was Irish National Champion, and in 2005, Gordon became World Champion, after also winning the English National Championship with his dog, York.

Gordon’s current main trial dog is Huthwaite Storm.  With Storm Gordon has won Northumberland League Nursery, numerous Open trials, was fourth at the English Nationals in 2015 and Reserve Champion at the 2016 USBCHA National Finals in Carbondale, Colorado.  His most recent trial dog, Moss, has won many Open trials, and was 3rd in the English National in 2014 and on the English team in 2014.

Gordon has maintained his York line in Flo and Reba.  Flo goes back to York’s mother and Reba is Flo’s daughter.  Storm and Moss are outcrosses.  Their pedigrees can be seen here at this website.

When choosing a sheepdog Gordon likes to see “an ability to work sheep properly”.  By that he means a dog that uses its brain.  Also, the nature, the personality of the dog has to be very good.  “Power” is not the dog that scares sheep, but rather the dog sheep trust and can move them.

He likes to show young dogs sheep at about 8 months.  At this time he feels it is possible to evaluate an individual training program for a dog.

Look at the calendar on this website for training availability, upcoming events and lessons.  Gordon is based in Northern Illinois and located near the major metropolitan areas of Chicago, Illinois and Madison & Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gordon is booked for clinics in the Midwest and throughout the United States.